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Illinois Pro Israel Bar Crawl Raises Funds Hurricane Victims

Illinois Pro-Israel Bar Crawl Raises Funds for Hurricane Victims

Texas, the Caribbean Islands, Southern Florida and Puerto Rico have all recently been hit by devastating hurricanes. Israeli charity IsraAID immediately rushed in to provide on-the-ground support to the recovery. Their Emergency Response Teams provide rapid medical care, psychosocial support and search and rescue services. In addition, they distribute essential…

My Summer in Kiryat Ghat by Mikayla Pollard

by Mikayla Pollard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Class of 2020 After spending a week with my dad as tourists in Israel, I was so excited to extend my stay for five weeks while volunteering at an English speaking day camp in Kiryat Ghat. The camp sends counselors from Chicago…
Conan refreshing look at real life Israel

‘Conan’ a refreshing look at real-life Israel

by Elan Karoll The much-anticipated “Conan in Israel” episode of American late-night talk show “Conan” premiered on September 19th on TBS. In his latest installment of a series of episodes shot around the world, comedian and TV personality Conan O’Brien traveled to Israel and the West Bank. He visited the…

University of Illinois: Jewish and Pro-Israel Students are “welcome and safe here”

In a public statement on September 24th, 2017, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Robert Jones condemned “anti-Semitic attacks hidden under the guise of anti-Zionist rhetoric.” “Members of our Jewish, African American, Latino/a and many other residents of our diverse community find themselves asking whether they are welcome and safe…
Tea Garden Hebrew University Danah Kirsh

Tea in the Garden at Hebrew University by Danah Kirsh

by Danah Kirsh Before coming to the University of Illinois, I took a gap year in Israel on Nativ College Leadership Program. Of the many memories I made, one in particular stands out. One of the most amazing times of my year spent living the life of an Israeli was…
Illinois, Israel Form Startup Connections & Research Partnerships

WATCH: Illinois, Israel Form Startup Connections & Research Partnerships

“Illinois to Israel News Update” is a video project about the strong & ongoing relationship between the State of Illinois and Israel! In this first episode, we highlight several recent stories about the Illinois-Israel partnership. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel signed an agreement with the Israeli Minister of Economy Eli Cohen…
Microsoft announces new partnership with University of Illinois and Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Microsoft announces new partnership with University of Illinois and Technion Israel Institute of Technology

by Evelyn Tarnovsky Technology giant Microsoft has announced it will join a new research partnership between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Cornell University, and the University of California, Berkeley. This interdisciplinary collaboration is known as “CryptoCurrencies & Contracts” or IC3. “We are excited to…
Illinois Student Shani Benezra Addresses AIPAC Indiana

Illinois Student Shani Benezra Addresses AIPAC in Indiana

Shani Benezra addressed a crowd of hundreds at the AIPAC Indiana Annual Event in Indianapolis on August 15th, 2017. The attendees included Members of Congress, representatives of the U.S. and Israeli militaries and notable activists and philanthropists. She spoke about her passion and commitment to a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and…

A-WA: These 3 Israeli Sisters are Mixing Arabic, Hip-Hop, and their Yemenite Roots

by Elan Karoll How to describe A-WA? Israeli, Yemenite? Jewish, Arab? Traditional, Modern? Electronic, Hip-Hip? These three musical sisters are breaking all rules, and the result is simply stunning. They are rocking the charts across the Middle East, and you need to hear them right now. Listen to their viral-hit,…
Travelers Prayer Tefilat HaDerech IlliniPAC

Going to Israel? Here is the “Traveler’s Prayer” (Tefilat HaDerech)

by Elan Karoll The Traveler’s Prayer is recited by Jews before long journeys, in accordance with Jewish law. However, the practice of saying the prayer before trips to Israel has been adopted by many non-Jews alike as a nice tradition. Spiritual and religious people of all faith backgrounds can find…

IlliniPAC Presidential Address 2017

By Hayley Nagelberg & Elan Karoll It is nearly unbelievable that this academic year is now at an end. As we approach finals, we want to reflect on what Illini Public Affairs Committee has been up to this year, and set a course for where we are headed as an…
Essential Israeli Slang You Must Know IlliniPAC

Essential Israeli Slang You Must Know

by Elan Karoll If you are going to Israel, this short dictionary of common Israeli slang words and phrases will be very useful. Most of them make no sense, and some actually contradict their literal meaning in Hebrew. But, if you want to talk like a real sabra (see definition below),…

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