Want to visit Israel? You’re in luck! Here are almost 20 free trips to Israel for college students:

Campus Allies Mission to Israel

This program is open to students who demonstrate leadership on campus and are interested in becoming more involved with pro-Israel activism. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the strategic and social issues facing Israel today, and examine the challenges and opportunities associated with the U.S.-Israel alliance. See the land of Israel, network with campus leaders from across the United States, and have the time of your life! This trip is operated by AIPAC.
Learn more: http://www.aipac.org/connect/students/milstein-family-foundation-campus-allies-mission-to-israel
Contact: Lila Greenberg (lgreenberg@aipac.org)

Caravan for Democracy Leadership Mission

This extraordinary 10-day educational program, run by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), is geared towards non-Jewish students who have never been to Israel before. This unique program provides the opportunity to explore Israel’s distinctive democracy through meetings with political, cultural and community leaders from all backgrounds and faiths. This program address Israel’s unique contributions to the world, its vibrant democracy and its commitment to peace in the region. The goal is to facilitate constructive dialogue about Israel and the Middle East on American college campuses.
Learn more: http://www.jnf.org/get-involved/travel/caravan-mission
Contact: JNF Education Department (education@jnf.org)

ADL Campus Leaders Mission to Israel

For over 100 years, the Anti-Defamation League has been fighting for a world without hate. On this trip, students will acquire a firsthand perspective of Israel by meeting with the culturally diverse population, engaging with its vibrant society, learning about the strategic and social challenges facing Israel today, and touring the historically and geographically significant land. Student participants will hear and learn from diverse political and religious perspectives: Palestinian and Israeli, left and right wing, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish.
Learn more: www.adl.org/campusleadersmission
Contact: Naomi Mayor (nmayor@adl.org)

Onward Israel

How does an internship in Israel sound? The goal of Onward is to provide participants with an immersive and transformative resume building experience in Israel, featuring opportunities such as internships, service learning, academic courses and fellowships. Programs will also feature inspiring educational modules, with special attention dedicated to activism opportunities within local communities and institutions. Participants will development a deeper understanding of Israel and gain meaningful work experience. Most trips are 6-10 weeks. (Note: This trip is not entirely free, there are a few hundred dollars in fees, depending on the specific program.)
Learn more: http://www.onwardisrael.com
Contact: The Jewish Agency of Israel (experienceisrael@jafi.org)

Israel Uncovered

This program of the David Project brings Jewish and non-Jewish students leaders together in Israel, exposing them to Israel’s dynamic and complex society. Student leaders then work together while back on campus to teach their peers about Israel. Each campus delegation on Israel Uncovered consists of one Israel advocate and two campus leaders from other campus communities. Israel Uncovered is a unique and meaningful Israel experience.
Learn more: http://www.davidproject.org/about/aboutus/israel-uncovered-campus-leaders-mission
Contact: Alexie Lundeen (al@davidproject.org)

CAMERA Student Advocacy Trip

The theme of this trip is “Israel Behind The Headlines: Understanding Media Coverage of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.” Students will learn about Israel’s existential struggle and the influential role played by news coverage of events in Israel and gain first-hand knowledge of the factors influencing coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Participants will meet with international journalists, policy makers, world-renowned academics, and government leaders. Students participate in training sessions about media coverage and how to promote sound reporting, giving them the confidence to continue to present the facts to their peers and campus communities.
Learn more: http://www.cameraoncampus.org/campus-programs/israeltrip.html
Contact: Aviva Slomich (aviva@camera.org)

CUFI on Campus Israel Advocacy Mission

Christians United for Israel’s annual student mission is one of the most impactful training opportunities for young Christians. The two week trip provides students with a unique window to have an up close experience with the homeland of the Bible. Through meeting with Israeli opinion leaders, military officials, media experts, and everyday Israeli citizens – student get real chance to breathe the heart & soul of the land.Participants must have demonstrated successful pro-Israel activism prior to the trip, and must commit to playing an even larger role on campus upon their return.
Learn more: http://www.cufioncampus.org/single-post/2015/09/25/Israel-Advocacy-Trip
Contact: Samuel Lourie (Samuel.Lourie@cufi.org)

Birthright Israel (Taglit)

Jewish students have the opportunity to participate on a free, 10-day trip to Israel. Students are able to join any trip they wish, but there are two trips specifically geared for University of Illinois students. One trip is Shorashim (facilitated by Illini Hillel) and the other is Mayanot (facilitated by Illini Chabad). Looking for something a little different? Check out Birthright Rainbow for LGBTQ-identifying students, or Israel Outdoors for more adventurous types! There are many more programs available through Birthright.
Contact for Shorashim: Haim Bracha (haim@illinihillel.org)
Contact for Mayanot: Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel (rabbi@illinois.edu)

Covenant Journey

This is a tour of Israel unlike any other for Christian college students looking to discover and affirm their Christian faith through an experiential journey and educational experience of Biblical, historic, and modern Israel. The Covenant Journey tour seeks to provide participants with the ability to advocate for Israel upon their return to campus. The trip is approximately a week long. (Note: This trip is not entirely free, there are registration fees.)
Learn more: http://covenantjourney.com
Contact: Main Office (CJ@CovenantJourney.org)

Project Interchange

This week-long trip, run by the American Jewish Committee (AJC), is aimed at college students who are not directly affiliated with the Jewish or Pro-Israel community, and who have demonstrated an interest in experiencing an intensive, first-hand introduction to Israel. Participants will learn about the complex dimensions of Israel by meeting with top members of the Knesset and other prominent leaders in Israeli society. A visit to Ramallah will offer the opportunity for discussions with Palestinian leaders and will further provide a range of opinions and perspectives. The program boasts more than 6,000 alumni from all 50 states and 89 countries.
Learn more: http://projectinterchange.org
Contact: Elanna Cahn (cahne@projectinterchange.org)

Akiva Trip

This 2-week Israel experience for Jewish students is a program of the Masorti Movement. Akiva stands out as a unique mix of experiential and soulful experiences, designed for students interested in exploring their Jewish background and history. Imagine awaking each morning to the smells of shwarma and falafel, the sounds of the devoted heading towards spiritual destinations, and the feeling that you have bonded with ancient Jerusalem, a minutes walk from the holy Wailing Wall. (Note: This trip is not entirely free, there is a $299 airfare fee.)
Learn more: http://akivatrip.com/questions
Contact: Main Office (akivatrips@gmail.com)

Northern Exposure

Looking to connect with Israel through nature? This 2-week program is perfect for you! Hike and volunteer your way across Northern Israel: experience beaten-track hikes, community service, and spirituality workshops. The 30,000 alumni of this program have hiked a combined 200,000 kilometers, and counting! Northern Exposure is operated by Livnot and is available to Jewish students. (Note: This program is not entirely free, there are about $200 in fees, but subsidies are available.)
Learn more: http://www.livnot.org/israel-programs/northern-exposure
Contact: Livnot USA (561-409-3923)

Israel 2.0

Jewish students looking to reconnect their Jewish heritage in a deep and meaningful way will love this 2-week trip to Israel. Take a challenging bike ride around the Kinneret, visit the mystical city of Tzfat and its world famous art colony, and wander in the desert, taking spectacular hikes in Southern Israel. Travel around New Jerusalem and the Old City. Explore some of the deep wisdom of the Torah and the unparalleled history of the Jewish people, while learning the meaning behind Jewish traditions, and experiencing a taste of Jewish spirituality.
Learn more: http://www.israel2point0.org/programs/program
Contact: Rabbi Chaim Burg (cmgburg@aol.com)

AISH Essentials

This program provides an opportunity for Jews of all backgrounds to discover their Jewish heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. All classes take place in the Essentials Room at the Aish HaTorah World Center overlooking the Western Wall. Aish’s mission is to urgently awaken and empower the Jewish people to end assimilation and to fulfill their destiny of Tikkun Olam (fixing the world). This trip is a a perfect start, or continuation, of one’s spiritual journey.
Learn more: http://www.aishessentials.com/
Contact: Aish HaTorah (essentials@aish.com)

JNF Alternate Spring Break

Have you been wishing you were in Israel? Are you ready to go back? Join the Jewish National Fun (JNF) for an unforgettable week of volunteering and fun! Alternative Break in Israel is a week-long service trip for Jewish college students and young adults. This exciting trip allows its participants to make a personal impact in Israel. (Note: The program is of no cost to the participants, but they are required to fundraise a minimum of $950 the JNFuture campaign.)
Learn more: http://support.jnf.org/site/TR?fr_id=2020&pg=informational&sid=1850
Contact: JNF Education Department (education@jnf.org)

Volunteers for Israel (Sar-El)

Volunteers for Israel connects Americans to Israel through volunteer service. The program achieves this goal by partnering with Israeli military and civilian organizations that enable volunteers to work side-by-side with Israelis. The program promotes solidarity and goodwill among Israelis, American Jews, and other friends of Israel. Thousands of volunteers join the program every year, from more than 60 countries around the world. (Note: This program is not entirely free, airfare is not included.)
Learn more: http://www.vfi-usa.org/program-options/young-adults-ages-17-25
Contact: Charlotte Kaplan (chicagovfi@msn.com)

Advanced Advocacy Mission to Israel

This intensive leadership development experience is open to students who have previously traveled to Israel and have demonstrated a commitment to the pro-Israel cause. Engage with leading Israeli policy makers and opinion-leaders, travel the country, and have unique experiences that no other Israel trip can offer. This experience is ideal for those pursuing careers or community leadership positions in the fields of Israel advocacy, public affairs, or policy formulation. This trip is operated by AIPAC.
Learn more: http://www.aipac.org/connect/students/campus-training-opportunities/college
Contact: Lila Greenberg (lgreenberg@aipac.org)

Passages Israel

Passages offers Christian college students a fresh and innovative approach to experiencing the Holy Land. Participants will encounter the roots of their Biblical faith first-hand and come face to face with the modern-day miracle that is Israel. A trip to Israel is in essence a rite of passage for every Christian – a pilgrimage in the truest sense. By coming to Israel, you make Israel’s story part of your own story. This trip is sponsored by the Philos Project and the Museum of the Bible Foundation. (Note: This program is not entirely free, airfare is not included and there is an administrative fee.)
Learn more: http://passagesisrael.org/about-us
Contact: Passages Team (http://passagesisrael.org/contact)


Another opportunity is becoming a fellow with a pro-Israel organization. Many of these fellowships incorporate a trip to Israel to build advocacy and leadership skills. Although these trips are “free” in the sense that your travel expenses are covered, they should not be considered just another free trip to Israel. Fellows have many requirements that must be fulfilled during the duration of the fellowship. Several pro-Israel organizations offer fellowships which include an Israel trip, such as Hasbara Fellowships and The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Fellowships with other organizations, that do not include a trip to Israel, are also available. These too are great opportunities for students college! Contact IlliniPAC for more information.

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