by Elan Karoll

The University of Illinois has announced financial support for its faculty to increase academic and research collaborations with Israel and Mexico. This news comes as the University has recently formed partnerships with four Israeli universities.

The Office of the Vice President for Economic Development and Innovation is offering up to 15 travel grants to further the missions of the Discovery Partners Institute and the Illinois Innovation Network. Grants will support week-long visits to Israel or Mexico to “explore strategic academic, economic development, and innovation collaborations with institutions,” according to the announcement.

Timothy Killeen, University of Illinois System President, has encouraged faculty to work more closely with Israeli institutions including the Weizmann Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

To apply, fill out the form here (, or contact Phyllis Baker in the Office of the President: 217-333-3070,