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“University of Illinois Blocks BDS Movement on Campus” – i24NEWS France

“Campuses Across the U.S. Vote on BDS Measures with Mixed Results” – The Jerusalem Post

“University of Illinois Students Reject Anti-Israel Divestment Referendum for Second Year in a Row” – The Algemeiner

“StandWithUs Congratulates Students at UIUC for Defeating Discriminatory Referendum” – StandWithUs

“University of Illinois Students Band Together Against BDS” – The Digital Ambassador

“Students Celebrate Israel Week at the University of Illinois” – UI-7 News

“After ‘anti-Fascist’ Rally Targets Zionists, U Of Illinois ‘Welcomes’ Jews” – The Jerusalem Post

“Letter to the Editor: Chancellor must follow words with actions” – The Daily Illini

“UIUC Chancellor Acknowledges Anti-Semitism on Campus, Assures Jewish Community they are ‘Welcome and Safe Here'” – JUF News

“University of Illinois Chancellor Slams ‘Antisemitic Attacks Hidden Under Anti-Zionist Rhetoric'” – The Algemeiner

“Eitan Troyansky and Elan Karoll on Cahnmann’s Current Events Round Table” – StandWithUs

“UIUC Student Group Compares Zionists to KKK, White Supremacists” – The Washington Free Beacon

“SJP UIUC Calls Zionists “White Supremacists” in Promotional Materials” – CAMERA

“Anti-Israel Rally at U. Illinois: ‘No Zionists, no KKK, resisting fascists all the way'” – Legal Insurrection

“StandWithUs Calls on UIUC to Condemn SJP’s Hate Speech and Support for Violence” – StandWithUs

“Anti-Israel Student Groups in US Celebrate Palestinian Violence Against Jewish State” – The Algemeiner

“Student Leaders Call SJP ‘Hate Group’ After It Supports ‘Dyke March’ Expulsion of LGBTQ Jews” – The Algemeiner

“Former U.S. ambassador speaks on the growing crisis in the Middle East” – The Daily Illini

“IlliniPAC Students Write Letters to Lawmakers” – UI-7 News

“Illini Hillel host Quad event to encourage student solidarity” – The Daily Illini

“Student Group at Illinois U Vows to ‘Expose True Hateful Nature’ of BDS” – The Algemeiner

“Students & Educators Launch Campaign to Help Firefighters in Israel” – Orthodox Union

“Look to the students when assessing campus climate” – New Jersey Jewish News

“Academic Senate reacts to U.S. presidential election results” – The Daily Illini

“Israel Connection: Volume 11, Issue 2” – AIPAC

“Third Annual WUJS Awards: Nominations Shortlist” – The World Union of Jewish Students

“Celebrating Bipartisanship in a Partisan Time” – The Daily Illini

“Congressman Dold Speaks About IlliniPAC” – CSPAN

“Building Bridges for Peace” – WCIA 3 News

“Improving Israeli-Palestinian relations on campus” – The Daily Illini

“Rodney Davis speaks to students on benefits of US relations with Israel” – The Daily Illini

“Consul General Roey Gilad Visited the University of Illinois” – The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest

“Consul General addresses Israeli challenges, goals” – The Daily Illini

“US-Israel alliance can unify political parties” – The Daily Illini

“Students divided over whether ISS should have a stance on boycotts or movements” – The Daily Illini

“U of I students, faculty keep watchful eye on Iran” – The Daily Illini

“University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Celebrates Israel” – JUF College Blog

“Simulation furthers understanding of Middle East conflict” – The Daily Illini

“Students must take note of Israel’s portrayal in college media” – JUF News

“Israel advocacy is the goal of college clubs across the country” – JUF News

“Student Journals Shape the Discourse” – CAMERA

“Student Senate urges Israel study abroad return” – The Daily Illini

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